Copal - The benefits , history, cleansing and spiritual properties of this ancient incense

Copal is a resin from the Bursera fagaroides tree which is native to Mexico and central America, it grows to about 10...

Spiritual Cleansing - Why it's important and how to do it

Spiritual cleansing is something that humans have practised for thousands of years, in today's crazy modern world now...

How to use

A big part to the benefits of our products come down to how you use them. Here is the go to place to discover how to ...

Love and Kindness Practise

Love and kindness are some of the most powerful, rewarding and meaningful things to work with. Many say God is Love. ...

The properties of Divine Spiritual Water

We are 70% of it. We can't live without it. It is the source of life. For thousands of years humans have had a connec...

The power of Gratitude

Gratitude is such a divine thing to practise, it can be small, simple yet always powerful. Learn these techniques to ...
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