The properties of Divine Spiritual Water

We know water as being something that is incredible vital to our existence, but it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of spirituality. However, water is a particularly divine element. It is life giving after all.

As a spiritual practitioner, we can work closely with water to bring about some big positive changes. But before we get on to working with water, let's get to know water more from a spiritual perspective.


Taoist Wisdom

In Taoism the observation and study of nature holds great spiritual wisdom. A water in particular holds a great deal of wisdom from which we can learn. As an element water is fluid and soft, yet it is able to carve the deepest canyons from stone. It is able to change stats depending on it's environment, ice, steam, snow and fluid water. It comes from the sky and also rises up to the sky. Water is an incredibly versatile and flexible element, it does not dictate it's surroundings, more it works with the surroundings and in doing so is powerful and indispensable to the surroundings.

A vessel of energy and information

Dr Masaru Emoto conducted numerous studies on water and found that it is possible for humans to "charge" water with specific emotional energy. In doing so this created different patterns under the microscope, when the energy of love was projected onto the water a beautiful divine pattern is created. When negative emotions were projected onto the water, chaotic fractured patterns were displayed. Dr Emoto also found that water that have positive emotions projected onto it, was better at preserving and growing life. 

Spiritual Cleansing - Baths, Baptism and Anointment

In many religions over thousands of years water has been used to play an important role in sanctifying people. This includes baptism an important ceremony for Jesus himself. Baths have been used through many cultures, including the ancient Egyptians and showering oneself with special herbal teas is an important practise in South America.

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