The power of Gratitude

Practicing gratitude daily has the power to transform your world. It is say loud and clear to the universe, "Thank you! I appreciate this!" and the universe says "great, I will keep bringing you more things!".

Practicing gratitude is super simple, everyday when you are in the shower or bath. You can practice this in the morning or night and be grateful for something that has happened, is happening or will or may happen.

While bathing apply the product to your hands, rub together, bring to your nose and inhale. Now as you apply the product to your body think about what you are grateful for and say:

 "I am grateful for...<insert anything that comes to mind>"  try and keep it to something new every time, even the smallest things are fantastic to show gratitude for.

Here are some examples:

"I am grateful for the start of a brand new day that is open to opportunities"

"I am thankful to the water for washing me"

"I am grateful for the fresh air in my lungs"

"I am thankful to myself for practicing gratitude"

"I am thankful for the good company I shared with my friend last night"

"I am grateful for the challenges lessons I learned yesterday"

"I am grateful for my house providing me shelter and warmth"

"I am grateful to the stranger who smiled at me today when I was feeling down"

"I am grateful to the sun today for keeping me warm and providing energy to the plants I eat"



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