Hi, I am Luke.  It's great to virtually meet you and to see you here.

I started divine 3 in early last year (2018) and when people hear about divine 3 they often ask me "how did you get into this?".  Because what I am doing now is so different to what I used to do. So here's the story.

For years I have felt a strong connection with nature and had a growing passion in spirituality and consciousness. I was like many people working for a company in a big office at a desk. Until in 2017 everything changed. I was uprooted from that job and reconnected with my soul. I recognised that the connection with my true self, my soul had been neglected and I dived into my passion for spirituality.

This involved many things, including taking spiritual baths. I would buy spiritual herbs and make a tea out of these and bath in it. This became a big and beautiful part of my spiritual practise. As much as I loved the ritual and the experience, it was not practical for me to take these baths everyday. So I wondered... it would be great if I could get a body wash with these same types of herbs for the same experience, something I can use in the shower. I looked online and couldn't find any. Then I came up with the crazy idea of "I could make it myself". The more I thought about it, the more it interested me and excited me. I had already decided that I wanted to live a life which was more heart based, what made my heart happy... what sparked my interest. What inspired me, it didn't have to be logical. In fact in some ways the more not logical the more fun it was.. So I ordered some ingredients, quickly realised I knew nothing about skincare or body wash. Then the universe unravelled things, a cosmetic chemistry course popped up which I did, then another course and before I knew it I was fully into it all.

Divine 3 is so much more than spiritual products or body wash. It is about Love Nature Spirit. During a time when I was trying to come up with a name for this project  "Love Nature Spirit" were words that were given to me/ came through to me. I woke up overjoyed with "YES" that is it!

Love Nature Spirit is Divine 3. Divine 3 means Love Nature Spirit. The number 3 is also divine, in many different spiritual practises and religions you can see the number three emerge as a central, mystical and profound role. 

Love Nature Spirit represents what I believe will bring us into divinity and harmony with ourselves and the world. It was these areas that I spent much of my own spiritual practise discovering, before I thought about the names and categories, that came later.

My biggest wish for this project is to share Love Nature Spirit,  to have you part of this journey warms my heart. This project is not about me. It's about you, us, others and everything else.

Divine 3 is about listening to yourself. Reconnecting with your soul, spirit, nature and expressing this to live your unique life. An adventure full of love, joy, creativity, discovery and beauty.

With much Love, Nature, Spirit. Luke

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