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Our products are not the usual body washes. They are great in every way a normal body wash can be - all natural, vegan, smell great and leave the body clean and refreshed.

Our body washes are about your spirit. Reconnecting yourself daily with beautiful rituals to remove negativity, nurture love and kindness and glow with gratitude.

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Divine 3 is Love, Nature, Spirit. This is our ethos.

When we come from a place of love. We love ourselves, hold this in our heart and make our life choices from this position. We connect with and in harmony with nature. We are not separate from nature. We are part of nature.

We acknowledge, honour and nurture the sacred spiritual realm that exists in and around us and that which we are part of. 

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Who we are

divine 3 is about bringing more Love Nature Spirit into our lives and the world around us. 

We started from a passionate idea based on Love Nature Spirit. 

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Copal - The benefits , history, cleansing and spiritual properties of this ancient incense

Copal is a resin from the Bursera fagaroides tree which is native to Mexico and central America, it grows to about 10...

Spiritual Cleansing - Why it's important and how to do it

Spiritual cleansing is something that humans have practised for thousands of years, in today's crazy modern world now...

How to use

A big part to the benefits of our products come down to how you use them. Here is the go to place to discover how to ...

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