Love Nature Spirit

Divine 3 is Love, Nature, Spirit.
It's our ethos, our way of being in the world.


We can come from a place of Love or Fear. When we make a decision we can question, is this Love or Fear? Fear choices contract our lives and ourselves. Always choose love. When we choose to love ourselves, others and the world around us - not only does it improve our world and the world. It comes back to us, we are opened up to the divine.


We are part of Nature. Nature is not something to be dominated, it is to be respected, revered and something we can look towards, connect with, for great wisdom and harmony. 


We recognise the spiritual realm and that we are spiritual beings. We honour the sense of spirituality within and around us and how that can play a role in how we evolve as people. Reconnecting to that which we really are.
Love Nature Spirit is something to be shared. It's about caring for ourselves, for others and the world around us, the universe, other beings, nature and the animals we share this planet with. About finding our harmony with all around us and a deeper connection to ourselves.

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