Q. How do I use the products?

A. We have dedicated a page to this as there is a lot to it. You can visit the page here. Our products are one part of your spiritual practise, they are an important part but not a replacement for any other work. This means encouraging healthy eating, exercise and psychological, emotional, medical and spiritual support where needed.


Q. Are the products all natural?

A. Yes


Q. Are the products Vegan?

A. Yes


Q. Are the products cruelty free?

A. Yes. 


Q. Can I use all three different products?

A. Yes absolutely.


Q. Where are the products made?

A. In Australia


Q. Do the products really work?

A. The short answer is yes. There are two main ingredients to making sure this is the case, the product and your intention. These both need to work together, you can find out more about it here.


Q. Can I use the products as a bath foam?

A. Yes you sure can, this is a great way to use the products. You can read more about having spiritual baths here.


Q. Can you use the products to wash your hair?

A. Yes you can. While the products are great at cleaning and cleansing they are also all natural and soft on your hair and skin. Like after any shampoo a conditioning is recommended after use.


Have another question that is not listed? please contact us.




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