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A big part of the power with these products is in how they are used, it's like any tool, if it is used correctly - it will work. If it's not used with a specific intention, it will be difficult to achieve the task. And like any craft, the more you practise the better and more powerful it becomes.

This guide will show you how to get the most out of the products. Once you have started bringing this into your daily routine you will feel the beauty and power of it. Rather than just "do this and do that" step by step instructions, I will explain some of the background to why this is a valuable practise. Of course if you're time poor you can skip ahead to read specific sections but we really recommend reading this from start to finish to get the most out of it.

While there are some similarities to our products, which you can read below. They all have their own different practices. Use the below links find out more about your specific products.

 To get the most of your products continue to read the rest of this brief article.

Power of Routine

We all shower and bath regularly. It's something that is built into our routine, we can take this existing time that already exists in our day as a routine and build on it to grow something really beautiful.


Your sacred time and space

The beautiful thing about your bathing time is it is your time. A moment in your day which is all about you. The act of bathing is a very self cleansing and nurturing activity already and one that can be grown into your own unique beautiful sacred garden.


Power of a Ritual

This practise is a spiritual ritual, a ritual is a spiritual gesture. It combines both mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiriutal and physical collaboration for a specific spiritual task. Whther that be for cleansing, love and kindness or gratitude. 


The power of water

We known how important water is to us physically, however it is also an incredibly powerful and spiritual element. Water is life and we are mostly made of water. Spirital practioners and cultures have worked with water for millenia, Jesus himself was baptised in water and may other cultures use water ceremoniously too.

For good reason. Water has a power to energetically and spiritually cleanse us. When we work with water, although the really cool thing about water is that it's not a one way street we can work with it with our intention to influence it's energy. This is where we really take things to the next level. The Japanese Dr Masaru Emoto has researched and scientificaly proven some some of these amazing attributes about water and we really recommend checking out his work. But the short of it is that we can use our intention, ie. to remove negativity, to grow love and kindness, to glow in gratitude to charge the water and the divine to work with us on this, this literally charges the water with this energy/information.


The power of the plants

Plants have played a very strong spiritual role for humans for a long time. It is believed that plants exist in the spiritual realm and that every plant has their own unique abilities within this realm. The plants used in these products have been selected for thier purposes to bring their unique strong attributes in these specific areas to work with you. 


Mindfulness & Meditation

When you are experiencing this spiritual practise, you are also part taking in other immensely beneficial practises of mindfulness and meditation. These practises bring us back into the present moment are scientifically proven to have positive effects in improving our health and well being.


Setting the scene - Be mindful

The first thing we need to do is to set the scene for the practise. When making a bath this is a beautiful process and much easier than a shower. The reason for this is when it comes to showers, we are often in a rush and half present - either half asleep or a million things on our mind we can sleep walk into the shower and before we know it we have bathed and clothed.

So this is one of the most important steps is to remember this practise before you get into the shower. A good way to do this is to put a reminder, a postit note on the shower screen or something in the bathroom you know you will see.



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