How to use the Spiritual Cleanser

You can use the divine 3 spiritual cleanser product in the bath or shower. We will provide details below for how they can be used in different ways.

before using

Before using the spiritual cleanser it's good to give a bit of time to think or meditate on why you want to use it and what you want to achieve from it.

A spiritual cleanse is all about releasing and clearing energy. This negative energy can be accumulated through your day to day activities, from absorbing other people's energy in crowded spaces  or other people you know, or spirits and other forms. Where ever it has accumulated from the purpose of the cleanse is to release this negative energy to make room for attracting more positive energy with practices of love and kindness and gratitude.

With this in mind it's important for you to know what it is you want to release. If there is something specific you can name that is useful or otherwise it can be just a general cleanse.

This is an important part as you need to bring your intention into this practice and know what it is you are going to release. If you have a meditation practice it can be very beneficial to meditate and see what comes up for things that you may be wanting to remove.

It can be as simple as "I want to clear and release...(insert your specific situation)" or for a more general cleanse "I want to clear energy blockages and release negative energies". 

Setting the scene

Depending on how much time you have can determine what you do to set the scene for the spiritual cleanse. If time permits lighting some candles to give the bathroom a soft glow can be a really nice and powerful thing to do. As you light the candles you can also have your intention in mind about what you want to achieve from the cleanse. Same too with when you run the water, water is a really powerful part of this practice. Our intention can effect the energy of the water and water can also effect the energy of us. Giving gratitude to the water to provide it's role in this practice and also charging it with your intention. The water, working with the plants will absorb the negative energy from you. So making the water aware of the role is really important. If you are running a bath you can add the spiritual cleanser to the water and give thanks to the spiritual plants for their role in this cleanse too, again asking them to help you in achieving your goal.


The spiritual cleanse

As you step into the water, feel the water touch your skin and start to absorb the negative energy that has been attached to you. As you do this remember the healing power of water and welcome the water to clean and heal you.

If you are in the shower: apply the spiritual cleanser product to you hand and rub together, bring to your nose and inhale the scent of the natural plant oils. Now is a good time to give gratitude to the spiritual plants you are working with, you can do this by simply thanking them.

You may now commence to rub the cleanser into your body, you can optionally use it as a shampoo and work into your hair this can be a really powerful way to give yourself a head to toe cleanse and as a lot of energy can be stored around the head area.

Continue to rub the cleanser into your body and visualise cleaning the negative energy from your body. Keep in mind the power of the ancients plants to remove and unstick the negative energy and the power of the water to absorb this energy and carry it away. Visualise the negative energy now running down the drain absorbed by the water. It is good to visualise that this energy will now be treated by mother earth, she can transform this negative energy into new positive life.

To conclude the cleanse you can give thanks to yourself for showing this care towards yourself and also to the water and plants.


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