Spiritual Cleansing - Why it's important and how to do it

Spiritual cleansing is something that humans have practised for thousands of years, in today's crazy modern world now more than ever we need to be doing this ancient practise.

What is spiritual cleansing?

Us humans are good cleaners, we clean lots of things. Our skin, our teeth, our house, our food and the list goes on. A spiritual cleanse is to clean our spiritual energy. There's a number of different ways this can be including using plants, smoke, the elements, the natural environment and our intention.

Why you should practise spiritual cleansing

If you're someone that is sensitive to energy and environments (ie. an empath) then you most definitely should be doing it. Most people should be doing it, however some need to more than others. 

In our daily routines we are exposed to a lot of energy, public transport, city streets, traffic, media and work places. This energy does build up on us, similar to how dirt builds up on the skin and needs to be washed off. It's not just external energy it can also be our own energy that gets into a bit of a funk sometimes and needs to be cleared. Energy can attach itself to our body and also our environment likes our things, our house and car.

The good news is spiritual cleansing is a really enjoyable act of self care. Not only is the process lovely but the you feel fantastic at the end of it. There are also several different ways you can cleanse your spirit, you can experiment with them all and find which ones work best for you.

Spiritual cleansing is just one part of a spiritual practise, it's an important part but not a cure all.

Our Intention

Our intention is the most crucial element in practising spiritual cleansing. While we can use aids, tools and different techniques - making sure we bring the right intention to this will be what delivers the results. This means that we treat this as a sacred spiritual practise that should be revered like our ancestors have for thousands of years. No matter where you are from, if you trace back your ancestoral roots you will find they practised some similar forms of spiritual work, this is a way to honour them. It is also a way to honour yourself and the elements you will be working with. With a sense of respect, grounded focus and belief sets the right intention.


Burning sacred plants such as white sage, palo santo and frankincense is a powerful way to clean your energy and the space around you. This can be done for your own body or even your whole house. It's a great idea to do your house as it does store energy from the occupants of the house that means anyone who comes into the house and then there's also spirits and energies that attach to you that you bring back into the house after being out.

Palo Santo Sticks

 White Sage Smudge Sticks

Spiritual Cleansing Showers

Water is a powerful healer and humans have been bathing in water as a spiritual practise for thousands of years. The Divine 3 Spiritual Cleanser body wash contains the above mentioned sacred cleansing plants and combines with the healing power of the water. You also bring your attention and intention into this spiritual practise, you can find more about it here.  What's particularly great about it is we all have to shower anyway, why not clean your spiritual energetic body the same time as your physical.

Spiritual Cleanser Bodywash with White Sage, Palo Santo and other powerful cleansing plants


Spiritual Cleansing Baths

 Similarly to the cleansing showers you can also take a bath. A bath is a beautiful way to cleanse your spirit and provides the perfect opportunity to make it a self care ritual. A good way to take a bath is you can use a spiritual cleansing bath foam that has the power of cleansing plants. As you fill the bath with water bring your attention to what it is you are wanting to release. Light some candles and as you are in the bath allow the water to absorb this negative energy. On completion as you pull the plug, thank mother earth for taking this energy away from you. Blow out your candles in gratitude for yourself, water and the healing plants.


Sound baths

Energy is vibration and another way we can cleanse our spirit is through sound. This can be with some experienced sound healers that use gongs and singing bowls or you can do some simple exercises yourself.

A very simple exercise is to clap your hands around your body. This displaces energetic attachments and allows you to free up the space. It is a good idea to do some smudging after this.

Swim in the Ocean

Swimming in the ocean is a very natural way to clear your energy. The alive energy of the ocean soothes your energy and washes away negativity. 

Time immersed in Nature

Nature is a great grounding and neutralizing energy force. Spend some time immersed in the nature, preferably where there are no people and plenty of trees. Yet even spending time in a desert is very beneficial, it's really about you being in nature's space without modern distractions. After spending some time here just appreciating the natural space around you, nature will re-calibrate your energy and remove negative energy. It's simple but so powerful.


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