12 Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo

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  • Palo Santo (Busera graveolens) also known as holy wood can be burned to produce a light sweet yet deep unique aroma that can be used to aid spiritual practises such as grounding, meditation, contemplation and cleansing.
  •  Our Palo Santo sticks are eco-friendly and have been sustainably wild harvested.
    • That means that the trees have died a natural way and has rested in the forest for years before being harvested. This is important as it is also through this process that the natural oils and resins take it's distant fragrance. 
    • Our local harvesters also plant new Palo Santo trees to ensure the future of the tree is safe in the region.
  • We believe in fair transactions for everyone. This means that we don't take more than we need and do our best to make sure that everyone is fairly respected and rewarded in this transaction, the local South American businesses and communities, mother nature, Palo Santo, you and of course us too. 
  • All sticks are natural and unique in shape of approximately 10cm long.


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